Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It is only fair that we add a few Bad Sellers to the list

It is only fair that we add a few Bad Sellers to the list.

First of all: Avoid anyone selling Unik motorcycle gear. Unik is famous for making and selling Junk! Avoid any seller offering Unik gear like the plague!!! Cheap leather advertized as Naked or premium. Crappy zippers and rivets that fail quickly or arrive loose or broken. Unik spends their money on nice glossy photos and catalogs and sells absolute crap products.

Here are a few you DONT want to do business with:

deanbot2006, hvtenterprise, flyncycle.com, kandrleather.com

Another brand name to avoid: Custom Chrome. Custom chrome sells low quality motorcycle parts and has the world's worst customer service! Sadly they con many sellers into a deal where the seller advertizes and sells the parts and Customer Chrome ships them. You end up with junk or nothing at all and have to deal with a third party in an often unsuccessful attempt to get a replacement or refund. A few sellers will do their best to treat you right in spite of Custom Chrome's lousy service. Some won't. If you simply must buy CC parts do a toolhaus.org search on the seller http://toolhaus.org first. Save yourself some pain!

Avoid: robw23, ssrjp

Avoid Jafrum leather. Really bad quality! Possibly some of the very worse leather products available anywhere. Maybe Unik sells Jafrum products? Low prices but crappy quality, you get what you pay for!

Avoid: leatherny

Avoid Neiman Markus

Neiman Markus sells under a couple of eBay IDs one of which is:
lastcall_by_neimanmarcus Really bad customer service. Check their feedback at Toolhaus.org I don't understand why they are not suspended. Apparently eBay is playing games. They run 2-3% neutral or negative feedback yet still have 4.9 &5.0 DSR's